Who We Are

Government Recognised Charitable trust
Trust Registration No. 1192/2009

Environment Conservation Group (ECG) a non-profit charitable trust based out of Coimbatore, dedicated to the conservation of nature and the protection of wildlife and its natural habitat. ECG aims to assist in wildlife conservation through education and awareness and is focused on the fight against wildlife crime. The team works with urban bodies and forest departments to bring about localised change. We have been active in combating threats of wire-snare poaching, trophy hunting and illegal bushmeat trade. In urban areas, ECG’s works for the conservation of wetlands, minimising environmental pollution, increasing green cover and also includes education through schools, children’s programmes and awareness campaigns. ECG has won numerous awards and recognitions for it dedication towards the environment.


A peaceful coexistence between us and our rich natural heritage.


To preserve India’s environment and wildlife through sustainable conservation, community partnerships, education, anti-poaching efforts, rescue and research.


• Environmental Awareness
• Tribal Development
• Wildlife Rescue
• Wildlife Crime Control
• Wildlife Estimation
• Wetland Conservation
• Planting saplings
• Nature Camps
• Advocacy
• Training


  •  Wild Wing Society- 2011
  •  Rotary Club of Metuppalayam – 2013
  •  Pettagam Conservation Award – 2014
  •  ECO Awards -British Council, RAAC, Association of British Scholars – 2014
  • Guinness World Record – for largest recycling lesson – 2015
  • Real Hero Award, Coimbatore City Corporation- 2016
  • Mitafest 2017 Awards for Wildlife Conservation, Madras Institute of Technology – 2017
  • NCS ECO Awards for Wildlife Conservation Awareness – 2017


Association of British Scholars, British

Pettagam 2014